The Silent legacy Board Members Leave Behind

Their names cross your eyes through an email or newsletter, perhaps you read about them in the President's Letter. However, for the most part, the IYASE Board Members quietly volunteer their time to expand the breadth, depth, and reach of Iyengar Yoga in the southeast without a lot of fanfare. This year, we wanted to honor some of the transitioning members and let you know a little about what they've done during their term. This is by no means a comprehensive list of all the members but will give you an idea of what goes on behind the scenes at IYASE. 

President Lisa Waas will be leaving her post and will mentor the next President, Leanne Roque. During Lisa's term she helped implement the following:

  • Online registration for continuing education
  • Implemented the Home Practice Sequences with Susanne Bulington
  • Began the website redesign initiative with Rhonda Geraci
  • Initiated the YouTube Channel with Sara Agelasto
  • Moved the Board to vote for a 3-year term & streamlined meetings to be more outcome focused

She managed to do all of this while getting her Introduction Level II and Intermediate Junior Level 1 Certifications.

Jerry Farmer took over the Treasurer position as soon as he stepped onto the board in January 2014. Not an easy task to jump into a position that had been recently vacated. Bank statements, debit cards, budgets and reports were no problem for Jerry, he jumped right in and in his easy going, take charge way, owned the job and helped us with the following:

  • Moved us into this century by establishing a PayPal account for our new continuing education enrollment software
  • Served on our scholarship committee for 3 years.
  • For the last year, Jerry helped Jeanne Kennedy transition to Treasurer and Jerry took the role of Secretary.  

Jerry did all this while preparing and passing his Introductory II Exam. Jerry will be sorely missed for his no-nonsense advice which came from years as a practicing attorney.

Mary Ann has tirelessly managed the email communications as our communications chair for the past 4 years.

  • Notified our members of new scholarship opportunities, the 2015 Convention news,                                                                         Board votes, membership workshops and more,
  • Volunteered endless hours creating the email, sending it to the key board members                                                                               for preview, and then scheduling it to go out on time.
  • Put her patience and time management skills to work for IYASE and got things done, on time, with little fuss and a smile.

We will miss Mary Ann’s practical approach to governing on the Board, she was a breath of fresh air with her easy manner and gentle sense of humor.

If you'd like to volunteer your time to help the Iyengar Association Southeast further its initiatives to share and spread the wonders of Iyengar Yoga please email the President. There are so many ways to be of service and get more involved in keeping BKS Iyengar's Legacy alive.