“Membership Out Reach and Education”



To bring Certified Iyengar Yoga Teachers (CIYT) and Iyengar Yoga to underserved and un-served cities and towns within our region educate the general yoga population and provide CIYT teaching to members. To grow the membership of IYNAUS.



Areas within the Southeast Region: NC, SC, TN, VA, WVA, MS, MD, LA, KY, FL, GA, AL and DC. Within these areas, cities and towns that do not currently have an Iyengar Yoga teacher in residence or who regularly travels there to teach.




·      A 2-3 hour workshop, to be held at a yoga studio or other suitable venue within the under-served area.

·      At the beginning of the workshop CIYT will provide a brief overview ofB.K.S. Iyengar and the Iyengar Yoga methodology.

·      At conclusion, CIYT will talk about membership in IYNAUS and provide time for completion of membership forms.  IYASE will provide a list of items for the CIYT to bring to the event, as well aslinks to newsletter and registration forms to promote membership.

·      Charge $15 per hour for attendees

o   If yoga studio sponsors workshop, CIYT and Studio will split 70/30.

o   If local practitioner sponsors the event, CIYT and student will split 70/30.

·      CIYT will coordinate payment from studio/student after completion.

·      CIYT will provide an insurance Certificate of Liability to studio/venue in advance of workshop.



·      For ease of advertising, IYASE will provide a template for the flyer. Use one of your own or studio flyer, but the flyer must have IYASE and IYNAUS logos. Logos will be provided.

·      IYASE will provide locations and/or membership contact information to CIYT to identify potential areas of need.

·      If the CIYT knows of an under-served area with interested potential participants, he/she should contact The MORE coordinator at IYASE for a list of potential contacts in the area.

·      Within one week of workshop, CIYT will provide IYASE coordinator via email

o   # of participants

o   Hosting entity name and address

o   How many joined IYNAUS on site