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IYASE-Sponsored Workshop on Common Conditions: Yoga to Alleviate Anxiety and Depression, with Juliana Fair, ISI

  • Unity Woods Center at Arlington 4001 North 9th Street, Randolph Towers, Suite 105 arlington, Va 22203 USA (map)

Interested in learning how yoga can help manage anxiety and/or depression? Come to this workshop, Yoga to Alleviate Anxiety & Depression, with one of our Region's engaging senior teachers, Juliana Fair.

Yoga is one of the three gifts attributed to Patanjali: grammar for clarity of speech; ayurveda for health of the body; and yoga to still the fluctuations of the mind. Although yoga also provides physical health benefits, the primary purpose of yoga is to create, as Guruji said, systematic intelligence. This systematic intelligence helps create equanimity.

Come learn how asana benefits us in alleviating anxiety and depression.

All levels with 2+ years of continuous practice.

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