Basic VIDEO Guidelines




The only requirement is that you are a certified Iyengar Yoga Instructor. You can choose any of the asanas from a syllabus you have already passed. Please email Sara Agelasto with your 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice of asana. Just like the assessment, we will do our best to assign you your first choice, but if others have already requested that pose, we will assign you the next pose on the list. Once you submit your request, we ask that you take no more than 1 month to submit your video. After that time, your asana may be released back into the pool for others to choose from.

You will need a Account. This allows you to upload up to 2GB free. You can share your video with and once reviewed, the video will be uploaded to the IYASE YouTube Channel to be shared in the IYASE Network. Please be aware that if the audio and video quality is not good enough (as deemed by quality control), you may be asked to shoot your video again. 

The Video:
The actual video should be 1 - 2 minutes long and is meant to be a demonstration and description of the basic actions of the pose, similar to how you are expected to demonstrate and teach in an assessment. 
Please introduce yourself, your level of certification. Where you are located and where you teach. This will help students find you. 
For example: My Name is Sara Agelasto. I am a certified Iyengar Yoga Instructor at the Introductory II level. I live in Roseland, Virginia and I teach at Allied Yoga in Charlottesville, Virginia. 
Then demonstrate the pose and give the basic actions of the pose.


Basics for Filming Using Your iPhone or Smart Phone:
1. Shoot Horizontal Video. Do Not Shoot Vertically with your iPhone.

2. Use a Tripod - The video recorder/iPhone must be on a tripod or other stable recording surface. It is ideal if you have a friend who can help you capture the video, but have your friend balance the recording device on a chair or stool to make the device most stable. 

3. Don't Use the Camera's Built-In Zoom. Move Your Camera Closer to the Subject - Otherwise you are pixelating the image.

4. Light Your Video - Unless You have access to professional lighting, harness the daylight by placing your subject next to a bright window. Do not shoot directly into the sun as this will create backlighting and darken your subject.

5. Get the Microphone Close to the Subject - You can invest in an external microphone to increase the volume of the recording. You can also use another iPhone out of frame above your subject and capture an audio recording. If this is too complicated, place your iPhone close to your subject. Please try to avoid recording in areas with loud ambient sound - like automobiles or heavy machinery. Birds and Natural Sounds are nice ambiance, but not if they drown out your voice.

6. Remember that you are representing the Iyengar Yoga Association of the United States and the Southeast Region. Please dress professionally. Wear contoured clothing which will best show the body for the purpose of demonstrating the pose. Avoid black or very dark grey or blue as these colors do not show up well on film.

7. Edit during the recording. This is another reason to have a friend who can at the very least hit record and stop, so that the camera does not capture your outtakes getting too and from the iPhone. Get together with two or three other teachers and have fun helping each other make these short recordings.